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Guillermo Polito

Coding enthusiast. Mad hatter. Software engineer and researcher. I am currently an Inria Researcher at the CRIStAL laboratory, where I am expert in software engineering and language implementations, with a particular focus on test generation. I work in the Evref team from Inria Lille-Nord Europe.

My main research interest lies in the efficiency, modularity and testing of programming languages, particularly in Language Virtual Machines (VMs). VMs make possible for high-level programming languages to run efficiently, and thus makes them an important asset for companies. They achieve high performance thanks to aggressive optimisation techniques that mix state-of-the-art compilation with operating-system memory management. A main challenge is the high-cost incurred in VM construction, due to the complexity and inter-dependence of their many components. This complexity is required by companies and research to be competitive.

I actively participate in the development of the open source Pharo programming language and environment since 2010, and I am a member of its technical board since 2018.

My main topics of interests are the runtime adaptation of applications, Virtual Machine design and development, and programming language tools. For that, I work on reflective applications and programming languages.

I obtained the 13 of april 2015 my Phd entitled "Virtualization support for application runtime specialization and extension" under the direction of St├ęphane Ducasse (Evref team from Inria Lille-Nord Europe) and the supervision of Noury Bouraqadi and Luc Fabresse(CAR team of Mines Douai).


Snail mail / Visits

INRIA - G. Polito, 40, avenue Halley,
Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne,
Bat.A, Park Plaza
Tel:33 (0)3 20 43 42 56
Fax:33 (0)3 59 57 78 50