Guillermo Polito

Guillermo Polito

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About me

Coding enthusiast. Mad hatter. Software engineer and researcher.

I am currently working as a post-doc researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, on security for programming languages in cloud computing applications.

My main topics of interests are the runtime adaptation of applications, Virtual Machine design and development, and programming language tools. For that, I work on reflective applications and programming languages. I participate in the open source community of the Pharo programming language and environment.

I obtained the 13 of april 2015 my Phd entitled "Virtualization support for application runtime specialization and extension" under the direction of Stéphane Ducasse (Inria Rmod team) and the supervision of Noury Bouraqadi and Luc Fabresse(CAR team of Mines Douai).

I love coding. I spend a lot of my free time helping the amazing community of Pharo. I also participate in several projects such as the Pharo's database driver suite (DBXTalk), it's shortcut framework, or the static web page generator Ecstatic.



23-10-2015 I will be @Pittburgh for SPLASH'15. I'll present there two papers on the onward track!

03-07-2015 I will be @Prague for ECOOP'15. I'll present Pharo there and we will do some fun coding!

22-05-2015 I got two papers accepted in Onward!'15. Thanks to everybody that collaborated, and see you @Pittsburg!

13-04-2015 I defended my thesis in the Ircica building @Lille today! Nice presentation, environment, Phd in hand and mention très honorable. Thanks for the support of everybody!