Guillermo Polito

Guillermo Polito

Mastering objects


I participate in many open source software projects. Check my github account for more details. Below I detail some of the most prominent projects I participate on.

I adopted Pharo as one of my main research targets and sources of inspirations for research problems. I am part of the decision board of the Pharo platform, and I work in close contact with the Pharo Industrial Consortium, made of of 28 industrial members (Thales, Lifeware, Lamrc...) and 24 academic members that support Pharo either with their usage or even financially. Pharo has been recognized by Inria as one of its top 10 star softwares, and as an academic platform by the CRIStAL laboratory and the University of Lille. Moreover, it has been remarked as one of the excellent impact factors of the RMoD team in the 2019 HCERES report.


I am one of the main contributors of the Pharo community both in its standard libraries and Virtual Machine. I work on a large range of topics such as file management, foreign function interfaces, graphics and refactorings. I contributed to Pharo the so called _Pharo bootstrap_, result of my PhD thesis, that is used since 2016 to generate and deploy Pharo images in a reproducible way.


I am one of the main contributors of Iceberg, the main toolset for handling VCS in Pharo. Iceberg provides Git integration for Pharo, more concretely to perform checkout, commit, merge operations and other common operations on git repositories. Iceberg also provides plugins for smooth and fast integration with common actions in the workflow of contributors, such as creating a branch based on a GitHub issue numbers.


Pillar is a markup syntax and tool-suite to generate documentation, books, websites and slides. Pillar supports Pillar markup and MicroDown, a Markdown subset that has been extended with bookt support and extensible annotations.